The Sixth

Many of the surveys that I’m receiving are outstanding with clear, concise and thoughtful criticisms. A couple of them, however…not so much. I like this contrast a lot. It shows a difference that is extremely black and white. I haven’t received any surveys that are only sort of interesting. They’re either very interesting or not at all. I’d like to think that this is how literature feels to people in general. You like this author or that author, or you don’t.

As an author, my book, according to the masses, is in the…“not like” category. I agree now that I’m seeing it with corrective lenses. I feel fortunate to have this feedback in so many forms and in so many different words. Both elements were severely lacking whenever I was rejected from agents and publishers.

Today, the survey that hit home was definitely the one that discussed the potential of not using the name “Gardener…a million times…it makes me uncomfortable.”

Oh Lordy, I love this comment! I love it so much that I’m going to print it and hang it on my wall to remind me that repetition, although lovely to me because I wrote it, is seriously distasteful and easily misused.

I’m enjoying the perspective of this audience. I’m enjoying the core-cutting and salvaging and the dirty details that make readers think.

I will change the number of times the word “Gardener” appears. I will certainly make sure that the setting is more colorful and more defined in order to set the scene. In the meantime, keep your comments flowing. You are a part of this project, every one of you, and you are making it happen. For that, I am incredibly grateful.

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